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Window Cleaners | Gage Window Cleaning

Most people consider cleaning windows to be a simple task, but when done at a professional level, it is not. Most people do not take into...

Gutter Cleaners | Gage Window Cleaning

During a rainstorm, did you happen to look outside and see the rain plummeting off your roof instead of traveling down the drainpipe...

Pressure Washing | Gage Window Cleaning

Pressure washing, which is also known as power washing, is one of the best ways to make your home sparkle. Pressure washing...

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Business owners have a lot to worry about in their daily struggles of running a company. One thing that shouldn’t be a concern is the cleanliness of their office building, in particular their windows.

The last thing homeowners want to do when returning home from a hard day’s work is to start the home-cleaning chores that need to be done. Why not sit back and relax while trained professionals beautify and clean the exterior of your home.

Gage Window Cleaning is a well-trusted window cleaning services in the Palo Alto, CA area and is ready to help your company or home let the light shine through. Our company has a strong reputation of providing the best service and our top notch and experienced workers will show their professionalism.

The Gage Window Cleaning team has been in business for over 18 years and specializes in expert window cleaning, rain gutter cleaning and maintenance, pressure washing and holiday light installation your home to return it to the beautiful place of living that you remember.

Our trained teams of professional workers are ready to serve you and pride themselves on working with customers and exceeding their expectations. Our professionalism and integrity will guarantee superior services of window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing of your house.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our experienced staff about how we can improve the look of your home or place of business.